Features and improvements included in Dynamicweb 8.1

Release: 25/05-2012


  • Content

    Title: Solution report
    Description: Administrators now have the option to cleanup old or obsolete data from the solution, thereby freeing up space on the server.
  • Pages

    Title: SSL option for pages
    Description: Administrators are now able to choose on a page whether it redirects to or away from ssl variant or remains available in both.
  • Pages

    Title: Page performance analyzer report
    Description: A webpage analysis report has been included under the tools tab on the paragraph list. Here it is possible to see how the page behaves according to basic guidelines for good performance on the web.
  • Catalog Publishing

    Title: Catalog publishing
    Description: With Catalog publishing it is possible to select several products from a product catalog in frontend and then make changes to the prices for a proposal. Then you can generate the product list with the new prices in a PDF, which you can download or send by e-mail to a customer.
  • Parts Lists

    Title: Sorting of BOM products
    Description: It is now possible to custom sort the BOM groups in the parts list tab. The BOM item (products) follows the custom sort of the products in the ecom group.
  • Payment\Authorize.Net

    Title: Authorize.net checkout handler
    Description: Implemented Authorize.net as checkout Handler in Shopping cartv2. The AuthorizeNET checkout handler only supports U.S. dollars as currency so you need to make sure that the order is completed in U.S. dollars.
  • Product Search

    Title: Search/filter template for pages
    Description: Implemented the template tag, Page:Ecom.Search, that can be used in page templates. This tag renderes the filter search if a product catalog is present on the page, search is enabled and filters are enabled. Remove the Ecom:Search.SearchBox from your product list template if you don´t want a double set of filters on your page.
  • Product Search

    Title: Alternative suggestions/Did you mean in filters
    Description: A new misspelling functionality in the “Product Search, Extended” module. This functionality allows displaying search query suggestions by correcting the misspelled keywords according to the information available in the search index.
  • Shipping

    Title: Shipping fee provider that behaves like gateway provider - configurable.
    Description: The option to create custom shipping providers to the system has been implemented allowing you to add additional shipping methods to support specific market needs. Current implementations of a shipping providers which comes out-of-the-box with Dynamicweb is UPS and USPS (targeted at the US market).
  • Shipping\UPS

    Title: UPS shipping provider
    Description: Implementation of  UPS (United Parcel Service Inc.) as shipping provider. This service is an USA domestic shipping service. International shipping is not part of this integration.
  • Shipping\USPS

    Title: USPS shipping provider
    Description: Implementation of USPS (United States Postal Service) as shipping provider. This service is an USA domestic shipping service. International shipping is not part of this integration.
  • Shopping Cart v2

    Title: Image pattern settings for the shopping cart
    Description: On the module paragraph settings for the Cart you can now link to a product catalog in order to use the same image pattern settings throughout the cart steps.
  • Statistics

    Title: eCommerce statistics
    Description: A number of new nodes have been introduced in the ecommerce statistics giving useful information about the performance of the webshop.
  • Taxes

    Title: Tax Provider
    Description: A tax provider in the eCommerce product catalog settings in the Management Center has been implemeted allowing you to apply taxes to all products or a selection of products. We deliver an Avalara tax provider that handles calculation of sales tax in USA and a simple flat rate tax provider.
  • VAT

    Title: Configurable VAT provider
    Description: Now it is possible to make your own VAT provider and attach it to your products.
  • Data Integration

    Title: Order Provider
    Description: It is now possible to export and import orders with the new Order provider.
  • Online Marketing

    Title: Funnel reports (conversions)
    Description: Funnel reports have been introduced. It is now possible to quickly monitor how different parts of the website converts.
  • Profiling

    Title: Profiles overview
    Description: A new node has been introduced in the Online Marketing Center: Profile usage. Here you will get a list of all profiles in use on items in the system.
  • Reporting

    Title: Export reports to PDF
    Description: It is now possible to export any report in the Online marketing Center to PDF.
  • Split testing

    Title: Split testing
    Description: Split testing has been fully implemented in Dynamicweb 8.1. It is now possible to have the system show different content to the user and log the best performing variations.