New features and improvements included in Dynamicweb 8.1.2

Release: 25/09-2012


  • Maps

    Title: Maps module
    Description: New module: Maps. This module allows you to easily generate a zoomable map based on the addresses of a group in user management
  • User Management

    Title: Multiple Addresses for a user (B2A)
    Description: It is now possible to add extra addresses for each user in User Management and administrate these addresses in both frontend and backend. In frontend you can list the user addresses and add, edit and delete addresses. In paragraph settings for the Extranet extended module you can select a new template for view profile (ViewProfileview_profile_addresses.html) and select templates for list and management of the addresses (new templates are available in \Files\Templates\UserManagement\Addresses). The user addresses are also available with a new loop in Shopping Cart v2. Read more in the feature: "UserManagement:User.UserAddresses loop added to cartv2".
  • User Management

    Title: UserManagement:User.UserAddresses loop added to cartv2
    Description: A new UserManagement:User.UserAddresses loop is added to Shopping cartv2. The loop contains all addresses for the current user (extranet user). The loop is used in the new information template, InformationWithMultipleAddresses.html, that is found in \Templates\eCom7\CartV2\Step.
  • Currency

    Title: Global Currency tag
    Description: A new global currency tag, Global:eCommerce.Currency, that returns the currency used in the context. Based on the setting in Website module - Edit website - eCommerce settings - Currency.
  • Customer Center

    Title: Order Center
    Description: The CustomerCenter module has been extended with the ability to show the state of your existing orders as well as generate a list of your frequently bought items
  • Orders\Edit order

    Title: Edit order (manipulate order content)
    Description: It is now possible to change the content in an order through the eCommerce backend. You can remove products from the order, e.g. if they are out of stock., and add new products to the order. You can also add new product discounts and order discounts (amount discounts) to the order. To be able to edit your orders, you need to enable the "Allow edit order for all users" in Management Center - eCommerce - Advanced settings - Shopping cart.
  • Payment\Ogone

    Title: Afterpay in Ogone
    Description: The Ogone payment gateway now supports Afterpay.
  • Data Integration

    Title: Generate XML with order upon order completion
    Description: Order Export makes it possible to automatically generate an XML file containing the entire order, including order lines. When setting up the module (which is available from the Management Center) you may setup one or more e-mail recipients who may receive an e-mail with the XML-file attached. This makes it possible to retreive the orders on the fly by e-mail, or you may have a 3rd party system to download the XML files via FTP. Then the orders may be processed further, for example you may want to the orders into an ERP system.