New features and improvements included in Dynamicweb 8.1.1

Release: 02/07-2012


  • Ecommerce

    Title: eCommerce wizard
    Description: We have a wizard for setting up basic ecom settings in new solutions.
  • Power Pack

    Title: Latest viewed items loop
    Description: There is now a loop called "eCom:Related.YouHaveSeenTheseProducts" available for the product view and product list. The loop needs to be added to both ProductList and ProductDetail templates in order to work.
  • RMA

    Title: RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization
    Description: Implementation of RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization - as a part of the Customer Center. Now the customers are able to create RMAs based on their orders through the Customer Center, and the Service Desk employees are able to create RMAs through the eCommerce backend. You can create 3 types of RMAs: Return, Defective and Exchange, and you can select a state that shows what state that the RMA is in the RMA workflow. You can also create your own states that is relevant for your RMA workflow. It is possible to make a replacement order where it's possible to refund, replace with another instance of the same product or replace with a different product (refund is handled manually and not by the gateways in this release). You can setup e-mail notifications on your states and events to notify customers or employees in your company when a state is changed or an event has been triggered.
  • Taxes\Avalara

    Title: Avalara tax provider
    Description: Implementation of Avalara tax provider. This service is an USA domestic tax service.
  • Vouchers

    Title: Vouchers
    Description: You can now setup discounts based on single-use voucher. Vouchers can be managed from the ecommerce section of the management center. From here the voucher lists can be generated. It is possible to mail vouchers to selected users or groups. You can also export your voucher lists to CSV.
  • Online Marketing

    Title: Conversion Goal Provider
    Description: A new provider has been introduced that allows developers to create their own custom conversion goals for split testing purposes.
  • Reporting

    Title: Step funnel (shopping cart)
    Description: A number of funnel type reports have been added to the report section of the Online Marketing Center allowing users to quickly monitor how their website performs.