Features and improvements included in Dynamicweb 8.0

  • Content

    Title: Module tree
    Description: A new module tree has been introduced providing you with a better overview of installed modules and easy access to the module settings. The module tree is accessed as before by clicking Modules in the Dynamicweb main menu.
  • Content

    Title: Selectable logo and partner info for new Backend Login Screen
    Description: The backend login screen has been changed. Now it's possible to show your own logo and solution information (setup in Management Center -> System -> Solution settings). The language selector has been changed too and has a graphical interface with languages and flags.
  • Custom Fields

    Title: Custom field of type richtext editor
    Description: A new custom user field type has been implemented. It is now possible to have a rich text editor custom field on users.
  • Customized URLs

    Title: URL field for news items
    Description: Now possible to customize URLs for news through an URL field on the news item.
  • Designs and Layouts

    Title: Device detection
    Description: An option has been implemented on page properties to hide pages for different types of devices: desktops, mobiles and tablets.
  • File Manager

    Title: Option to create new template files from the files tree
    Description: An option has been added to the File Manager allowing you to create new HTML and XSLT files directly in the file folder. Simply right-click the folder and choose "New file" (either HTML or XSLT). After entering a name for the file, a file editor is displayed where you can enter or paste your HTML or XSLT code.
  • File Manager

    Title: Preview in full size on double click
    Description: When double clicking an image in the File Manager a preview window will pop up. From here you can view the image in full size, start editing it with the build-in image editing tool or downloading it to your desktop.
  • File Manager

    Title: Possibility to manage meta data for files for use in i.e. Gallery
    Description: Metadata tags has been implemented on files. A file can be equipped with a metatag title and a metatag link for use in the gallery module. In the File Manager the metatag window can be invoked after multiselecting any number of files files.
  • File Manager

    Title: Change of "Remove special characters" option in filemanager control panel
    Description: The ""Remove special characters" setting in Management center - Control panel - File manager is now changed to "Normalize latin characters (ø->oe, é->e etc.)" which gives you the possibility to force renaming of files names with e.g. ÆØÅ when you upload the files to the File Manager.
  • Forms

    Title: Possible to sign up for newsletters in Dynamicweb Forms
    Description: It is now possible to subscribe to newsletters with a name and an email address supplied by the form. This is controlled from a section on the Forms module paragraph setup. This has been implemented both for the old forms module and for forms DW7 edition.
  • Forms (For Data Lists)

    Title: Optional data source for radiobuttons and dropdowns when creating forms
    Description: A new property "Option source type" is added for form fields of type drop-down and radio button. In "Option source type" you can select "Static values" or "Data list". The Static values refers to manual created options for the list. Data list is used to get a list of options from a data list.
  • Forum

    Title: Forum module (Dynamicweb 8 edition)
    Description: A new forum module has been developed for DW8 with an up-to-date interface in backend and an easier to style front end design.
  • News v2

    Title: News items in more than one category
    Description: A news item can now be a member of several categories. This among other things makes it easier to display news items across different news modules.
  • News v2

    Title: GUI update of News v2 module
    Description: The interface for the News v2 module has been updated to comply with the overall look and feel of the Dynamicweb administration.
  • Newsletter v3

    Title: GUI update of Newsletter v3 module
    Description: The interface for the Newsletter v3 module has been updated to comply with the overall look and feel of the Dynamicweb administration.
  • Pages

    Title: New page properties for search engines
    Description: Two new checkboxes introduced on the properties of a page: Checkbox: "Noindex, nofollow" - will add that to the metadata on the page for visiting robots. Checkbox: "404 for detected robots" - will give a 404 if the statistics detects the visit to be from a robot.
  • Paragraphs

    Title: Force alt texts, title tags etc on edit paragraph
    Description: It is now possible to not allow the alt field and the title field to be empty when editing or creating a paragraph in order to be in compliance with wcag standards. This is controlled from the Management Center under the Editing -> Interface settings node.
  • Paragraphs

    Title: Warn when navigating away from editing paragraph without using cancel or save buttons
    Description: To save editors the frustrating experience of navigating away from unsaved content on a paragraph and loose work as a result, it is now possible to enable a warning message in the Management Center under the Editing-> Interface settings node. When set, a warning appears whenever using the browsers back button or navigating away from the paragraph edit without using save or cancel buttons.
  • User Management

    Title: Enable sorting of users in group in user management
    Description: It is now possible to sort users within groups in the User Management section. When displaying groups with the Extranet module an option to keep the User Management sort order has been implemented.
  • Orders

    Title: Column selector for the order list
    Description: A column selector has been added to the order list that allows you to select which orders information should be available for easy overview of incoming orders and your order history.
  • Variants

    Title: Frontend visibility improvements for variants
    Description: The possibility has been added to only show variants, if they are in stock, have a price and/or are active. The settings are placed in Management Center -> Ecommerce Settings -> Advanced -> General in the section: "Only show variants".
  • Data Integration

    Title: Data Integration (second version of the import module)
    Description: A new module for easy data integration to and from Dynamicweb. The intention is that this module should replace the old import/export version and present a more user friendly and stable possibility to integrate e.g. eCommmerce data through an interface closer to MSSQL. The module is also open to integration with other external modules that act as a layer between Dynamicweb and ERP systems.
  • Lead management

    Title: Lead management
    Description: Lead Management is a part of the Online Marketing Center. In the Lead Management section all visitors to the site are listed with obtainable information allowing you to try and spot specific leads.
  • Profiling

    Title: Profiling
    Description: Profiling is part of the Online Marketing Center. You create profiles based on conditions you need to fulfill to qualify as a member. You can then subsequently personalize the content of paragraphs and pages, products and news items so that relevant content is only shown to recognized profiles or have a specific product always shown on top to certain profiles.
  • Reporting

    Title: Reporting
    Description: Reporting is part of the Online Marketing Center. You can custom design reports with the report tool or use the existing reports to gain relevant knowledge about how your website performs.
  • Platform

    Title: .NET 4.0 compatibility
    Description: DW 8 is fully .NET 4 compatible and will only run in a .NET4 environment.