Feature list for Dynamicweb 7.2

Dynamicweb 7.2 provides a major update of Dynamicweb CMS and eCommerce and offers new functionality such as advanced eCommerce searching, up-and cross selling tools, order flows and rating/commenting. See the following list for details regarding the new features included in the most recent version of Dynamicweb.

  • Area: Content Integrator
    Title: Enable caching in the RemoteHttp module (Content integrator out of beta)
    Description: Caching is now implemented and can be configured under the paragraph settings. Furthermore the module now also supports https.
  • Area: Customized URLs
    Title: Module URLs and URL providers
    Description: New functionality allows you to activate different URL patterns for your eCommerce groups and products. The new options are available under the Customized URLs options in the Management Center for the customized URL schema - "Location and page name". Each parameter in the URL are handled by separate URL providers included as standard in Dynamicweb eCommerce. You can also create your own providers if you want additional URL conversions on your website. (See the implementation guide for URL providers).
  • Area: Designs and Layouts
    Title: Inherit layout templates
    Description: The possibility to apply a layout to subpages has been included. On a page where a layout is selected, it can now be inherited to subpages by selecting the inherit option next to layout selection menu.
  • Area: Direct Paths
    Title: Add an area to direct paths.
    Description: New functionality allows you to select a specific website (area) under the direct path settings allowing you to have direct paths for different websites/areas.
  • Area: Editor
    Title: FCK editor update
    Description: The rich editor used various places in Dynamicweb has been updated solving several perfomance issues and making it more reliable.
  • Area: File editor
    Title: Improvements for the text editor in the File Manager
    Description: The file editor available in the File Manager has been improved to remove several annoyances when editing e.g. html files. The color coding feature, the editors overall performance and the general interface are areas that have been improved.
  • Area: Forms (DW7)
    Title: Antispam for forms should also work for datalist forms.
    Description: The antispam functionality known from the previous version of the Forms module now also works with the Forms module introduced with Dynamicweb 7. the functionality can be activated under the Security settings in the Management Center.
  • Area: General Administration
    Title: Open accordion links in new window
    Description: When right-clicking a link to a Dynamicweb area in the accordion a new option is now available allowing you to open the area in a new window.
  • Area: Indexing
    Title: Implementation of indexing engine
    Description: A new indexing engine has been implemented in Dynamicweb allowing you to index the information in your product catalog. The index is used when performing various searches in the product catalog from the frontend providing you with fast search results. The indexing can be run from the Management Center either as a full update or a partial update (i.e. only the changed information such as product images are updated).
  • Area: Manage Versions
    Title: Version handling should also support latest hotfix folder
    Description: When managing the Dynamicweb versions used on a particular site, it is currently possible to choose a specific version or the latest service release. With this release a new option is introduced, which also allows you to choose latest hotfix so future hotfixes will be applied automatically.
  • Area: Metadata
    Title: Meta data counter and limit warnings
    Description: A counter has been implemented next to the metadata fields on pages to notify users how many characters are left for the fields. This has been implemented as search engines does not allow metadata information to be than the specified number of characters.
  • Area: Metadata
    Title: Values in metadata should be html encoded
    Description: Metadata are now HTML encoded to comply with the WCAG standards.
  • Area: Metadata
    Title: Change of meta data behaviour
    Description: To improve performance and search engine optimization, unused meta data are now removed from the frontend output. This means that if the keyword or description fields have empty values they are no longer added to the meta section of the page source. Furthermore the generator information will no longer be present in the source.
  • Area: Page properties
    Title: Posibility of ignoring auto meta data for a certain page
    Description: When a page is optimized using SEO, or specific meta data is set, it is now possible to disable the automatic meta data suggestion functionality. This is done by selecting the "Do no suggest meta information" option in the meta section under the page properties.
  • Area: Templates
    Title: Show in BreadCrumb available in navigation XML
    Description: A new "ShowInSitemap" attribute has been added to the page node.
  • Area: Templates
    Title: DwTemplateTags improvement
    Description: Instead of outputting the tags displayed through DwTemplateTags where the tag is inserted, it now adds the table(s) displays the tags at the bottom of the page which significantly improves the overview of the page output. To avoid huge amounts of markup and thus better performance, the functionality only outputs the first 5 loop items in loops. Furthermore loops are now displayed with links to the tag documentation like the normal tags and can also be copied to the clipboard.
  • Area: Templates
    Title: New tag: DwGlobalTemplateTags and other template improvements
    Description: The global tags are listed together with the page tags when using DwTemplateTags. The tags are now also sorted alphabetically providing you with a better overview of the available template tags.
  • Area: User Management
    Title: User management improvements
    Description: Several improvements have been made for user management such as the option to implement a search box, a redirect setting when a user is logged in and a setting in the Management Center, which allows you to control for how long the autologin cookie is valid.
  • Area: User Management
    Title: vCard support for User management
    Description: The option for users to download vCards containing user information has now been added to the Extranet module. You can choose which information fields to include in the vCard from the paragraph settings.
  • Area: Frontend
    Title: eCommerce frontend improvements
    Description: Caching has been introduced to the eCommerce API and the frontend to minimize server load.
  • Area: Groups
    Title: Predefined information fields for products in certain groups (product schemas)
    Description: Default information for new products are now configurable under the group settings. This allows you to determine which standard information should be added to new products created in a particular group. The new functionality also allows you to bulk update some of the information fields on the products in a particular group.
  • Area: Groups
    Title: Meta information on product groups
    Description: Meta information fields are now also available on product groups.
  • Area: Order Flows
    Title: Order flows
    Description: New functionality allows you to create a collection of order states, which can be attached to a certain shop and will be available on all orders processed through that shop. The collection of order states will are called order flows which indicates that the order states are post-processing steps which the order goes through such as "Completed", "Sent to customer", "Satisfaction questionnaire", etc. The order flows are configured through a new node in the Management Center. For each order state in the order flow you are able to send out a notification to the customer. This means that when the order gets a certain state then an e-mail is sent out. Under each order state you are able to choose a specific template for the newsletters. The tags available in the template are the same as for an order so that you can include order information in the notification e-mail.
  • Area: Payment
    Title: Upgrade Ogone and DocData gateways to Checkouthandlers
    Description: The Ogone and DocData gateways have been upgraded to work with the Shopping Cart v2 module and there are selectable as payment options under the payment settings in the eCommerce section of the Management Center.
  • Area: Power Pack
    Title: Power Pack module
    Description: A new module has been introduced which allow you to display various related information about products in product lists and under the product details. You will have 4 template loops available: CustomersWhoBoughtThisItemAlsoBought (Based on orders), CustomersWhoSawThisAlsoSaw (Based on statistics data), MostPopularProducts (Based on orders), WhatAboutTheseProducts (Based on more expensive products in the group). The MostPopularProducts loop is the only one available in both the product list and details. The new module also offers the option to compare products from the product list. A separate template under the paragraph settings allows you to determine the layout of the compare view.
  • Area: Power Pack
    Title: Rate and comment products
    Description: In the eCommerce administration you can add a rating/comment functionality to the product list and product details, so the end user can write a comment and/or rate products (1-5 stars) that other webshop visitors can see before buying a product. On each product you can show the average rating and obviously the comments added by the visitors. You can edit the comments on a product through the eCommerce administration, where a new Comments functionality has been added to the product settings. You need to have the eCommerce Power Pack module installed to access this functionality.
  • Area: Product Catalog
    Title: Fetch customer data from external source - infodirekt.dk
    Description: New functionality allows you to implement a button in the cart, which customers can click to retreive their information InfoDirekt service. All the customer has to do is to enter a telephone number and the rest is retreived from InfoDirekt and entered in the corresponding information fields.
  • Area: Product Catalog
    Title: SEO Express features in the product catalog
    Description: The optimization wizard known from the page properties are now also available for products. This wizard allows you to quickly optimize the meta information for a product so it will easier to find when searching for product information through search engines. The functionality requires the SEO Express module.
  • Area: Product Catalog
    Title: Multiple alternative images for products in the catalog
    Description: The option to add additional alternative images for a product catalog has been added to the paragraph settings. Previously you where limited to only small, medium and large image but now you can add as many as you like.
  • Area: Product Catalog
    Title: Possibility to link directly to the product settings from external programs
    Description: Products can now be referenced from e.g. an ERP system allowing users to go directly to the product settings in the eCommerce administration. You can use the following URL scheme to access the product: [website]/Admin/?ProductNumber=1.
  • Area: Product Categories
    Title: Product categories
    Description: A new concept called product categories has been introduced, that allows you to group custom product fields and apply them a number of products at the group level. Once a product category has been inserted on a group then all new products will have these fields available when they are created. You can also choose to bulk update products in a group with the product categroy fields if you decide to change the product category under the group settings.
  • Area: Product Fields
    Title: Product fields available as Radio buttons
    Description: A new field type (list box) has been added for custom product fields allowing you to create lists of radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists and multiselect menus.
  • Area: Sales Discounts
    Title: Product Quantity Discount
    Description: A new sales discount type has been introduced, which allows you to specify the quantity of products that will be needed for a discount. E.g. a customer buys x items of product y and gets a discount z.
  • Area: Sales Discounts
    Title: Product price-field discount
    Description: Another sales discount type has been added to the range of available discounts that takes the price from a decimal custom field on the product instead of using the price field.
  • Area: Search (Extended)
    Title: Search, Extended module (eCommerce)
    Description: A new extended search module for Dynamicweb eCommerce allows you to set up search filters which can be displayed in the frontend allowing your visitors to filter their search queries for certain products. A wide range of standard filter types are included in the module allowing you to configure filters such as ranges, group filters and variant filters. The search module also introduces instant search and suggested search options which can applied to the behaviour of the search box in the frontend. The instant search displays the products matching the entered text while you type and the suggested search displays suggestions from the product index which might be of relevance based on the entered search query.
  • Area: Shipping
    Title: Track & Trace
    Description: New functionality allows you to configure track and trace URL schemas for use in order mails. Under the eCommerce settings in the Management Center you can set up schemas for particular shipping companies (e.g. Post Danmark, DHL) configuring the required parameters for the particular track and trace service. You can then select the track and trace settings on the order and enter parameters for that particular order. The track and trace URL with the order specific parameters can then be inserted in the order mail sent to customers allowing them to access the track an trace information.
  • Area: CRM Integration
    Title: CRM Integration module
    Description: A new CRM Integration module has been introduced that allows you to connect to a CRM server and publish and edit the data by using data lists and forms. A new connection type is available under the Data Lists module allowing you to make the connection to the CRM server.
  • Area: CRM Integration
    Title: CRM Integration module: Contact synchronization
    Description: A CRM workflow has been created, so that whenever a user is changed/created/deleted the synchronization is automatically executed either by URL or server schedule, so that the Dynamicweb solution is updated with the contact informtion from CRM.
  • Area:
    Title: API documentation: Extensibillity.Notifications
    Description: Available at http://engage.dynamicweb-cms.com/api/extensibility/
  • Area:
    Title: API documentation: Dynamicweb.eCommerce.Products namespace
    Description: Available at http://engage.dynamicweb-cms.com/api/ecommerce/
  • Area:
    Title: API documentation: Dynamicweb.eCommerce.Orders namespace
    Description: Available at http://engage.dynamicweb-cms.com/api/ecommerce/
  • Area:
    Title: API documentation: Dynamicweb.eCommerce.Prices namespace
    Description: Available at http://engage.dynamicweb-cms.com/api/ecommerce/